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  • Lighttite foils and...

    Anti-detectionfoil ensures that heat can not be discovered by thermal imaging camera.

  • Black/white foil

    Black/white foil ensures that the plants get the most out of the light. Reflecting material on the walls of your grow room sends the light to the plants. The white side of the black/white foil reflects the light: this is the visible side. The black back avoids light getting through the plastic. The black/white foil has to be attached to the walls with tape or staples.

  • Pond foil

    Pond foil ?

    GrowFellas offers you a wide range of pond foil. Pond foil is used to lay down over your floor to avoid water leakage. It is necessary to lay the pond foil upright against the walls of your grow room (about 30 cm) so an overflow in the tank in which you are growing is not possible in case of water leakage.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items