Air treatment

Air treatment

Everything in the field of climate control for the best breeding results, can be found at Growfellas. Buy the best quality climate control equipment? You can do this online at Growfellas! Aspirators, humidifiers, filters, floor heating, fans, heaters, thermo / hygrometers, dimmers and fan controllers.

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  • Exhausters

    Exhausters are used to bring hot air out of the grow room and fresh air into the grow room. Exhausters can be attached to a filter to filter the odor out of the air. We have customized exhausters for every grower: ranging from a 190m2 tubefan to a super quiet Softbox 7000m2.

  • Ground heating

    Growfellas supplies a wide range of heating equipment. We have heating mats and heating cables in different sizes. The cables and/or mats are used to warm your ground or soil.

  • Dimmers & Fancontrollers

    Dimmers are used to make the exhauster exhaust at the desired speed. By means of a thermostat, the dimmer can be adjusted as desired. In case of too high temperatures in the grow room, the dimmer will make sure that the exhauster will work harder to optimize the warmth inside the grow room. You can connect fan controllers to the fans in your grow room and control the speed of the fans by using the rotary button. It is also possible to connect the fan controller to a thermostat.

  • Filters and silencers

    Growfellas has a wide range of filters and silencers. The filter ensures that bad odors will be filtered out of the grow room before the air gets blown outwards. A silencer ensures minimal noise.

  • Heaters

    Because the lights are on during the day phase, they will heat the grow room. When the lights are off, the grow space may be heated by using a heater. This can be a hot air heater or an oil radiator. Make sure the heater has enough capacity to heat the whole grow area. The heater is often switched by the switchboard. The switchboard often has a relay with a heatercontact which turns on when the lights are off. In this way the heater turns on automatically and the grow area will be at temperature during the night period as well.

  • Humidifiers

    Ideal to control the humidity during the cultivation of cuttings. The plants will grow better when the humidity in the grow area is right. The humidifier is suitable for adding foliar and pesticides to your plants evenly.

  • Ducting

    If you are planning to build an indoor hydroponic grow room you will need to install a ventilation system to supply fresh air into the room and extract hot stale air from the room and the easiest way to do this is with some fans, fittings and of course ducting.

  • Temperature and humidity

    With these products it will be easy to control the temperature and humidity in your growroom.

  • Fans

    We advise to place a swivel fan. This fan makes the air move, so the plants can use the fresh air optimally. The stem of the plant will become thicker and stronger, which makes it easier for the plant to imbibe water and nutrition. Be careful with draught and wind! Just a breeze in the grow room is very good for your plants.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 182 items