For every grower an own substrate. We sell grow substrates from the following brands: Plagron, Atami, B'Cuzz, Canna, BioNova, BioBizz and B.A.C. You will also find here possible resources to upgrade your substrate.

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  • B'Cuzz

    B'CuzZ is part of the company Atami, that is established in 1995 and in the meanwhile became a leading biological technic market research office. By continuous testing their products, Atami only produces products who meet high quality standards. B'CuzZ products are used by professional growers who aim maximum harvest and yield.

  • BioBizz

    Since 1992 BIOBIZZ produces biological plant nutrition, bio-stimulators and soil substrates for the biological market. Out of her legendary start in Amsterdam to her actual modern production facility in Groningen, BIOBIZZ is considered one of the most accomplished manufacturers of organic fertilizers. The product line from BIOBIZZ distinguishes itself by her eco-friendly aspects as well as her purity. All BIOBIZZ products are highly appropriate for biological production of flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs, but also for the care of flower beds and trees. The BIOBIZZ products are appropriate for all substrates, grow mediums and several modern grow systems.

  • BioNova

    Bio Nova is enterprising in the development, production and international distribution of mineral and organic fertilizers and plant care resources since 1993. Bio Nova developed a wide range of top products out of their great expertise, based on years of grow experience and study. The special nutrients, plant stimulators and plant care resources of Bio Nova are being used in horticulture, sports facilities, golfcourses and the hobby grower.

  • Canna

    CANNA is a well-known name among growers. Since the 80's CANNA proves that passion for plants and a scientifically responsible policy go together well. CANNA is consequently the brand for the grower who wants to get more out of his hobby! GrowFellas is official CANNA dealer and delivers the whole CANNA assortment.

  • Plagron

    Plagron B.V. is specialized in the development of products for a maximum natural growth and bloom. In the meanwhile Plagron developed for plantlovers as well as for hobbygrowers and professional growers a great range of eco-friendly auxiliary materials, which provides your nature the best there is available in this world. Plagron started as a small wormfarm in a shed in a backyard and developed into an international operating biological fertilizer company.

  • Supreme
  • Wilma's Lawn and Garden
  • Pokon
  • Ecostyle
  • Wolf-Garten
  • Solabiol
  • Agrotech
  • Four Seasons
  • BSI
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Showing 1 - 21 of 151 items
Showing 1 - 21 of 151 items