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Lighting and electra

Lighting and electra

Here you will find everything you need concerning lighting, switch boxes, time switches, current and protection.

Lighting and electra There are 273 products.


  • Grow light systems

    Kits consisting of: VSA - Lamp - Shining reflector or stucco reflector

  • Lamps

    Here you can find growth- and flowering bulbs from several brands: Sylvania, GE Luxalox, Osram and Philips. We deliver these in 400watt, 600watt and 1000watt, and 150watt and 250watt on request. Do you have any questions or are you looking for something, contact GrowFellas.

  • Reflectors

    GrowFellas has an extensively assortment of reflectors to make your bulbs shine the brightest.

  • Relay

    A relay will be applied to switch on high tension or electric current with the aid of relatively small electricity. Relays, delayers and remaining accessoiries for switchboards and meter cupboards.

  • Switchboards

    A switchboard is developed to switch on or off many lamps (more than 1) safely by a switcher that takes the tension from the time clock away. Therefore the possibility of fire will decrease drastically.

  • Plugs & Conductors

    An overview of plugs, conductors, contra-conductors, sockets and cables. Cheap products and fast and easy to connect.

  • Timeswitch

    Timeswitches in every shape and size, each with their own qualities. Second clocks, minute clocks and other timers. Ideal for your irrigation system or other electric devices.

  • Ballast

    For booting lamps safely, a ballast is used. The brands Philips, ELT, Lumatek, Gavita en B.A.L. all excell in the world of growing.

  • Fuses & accessoiries

    A fuse ensures that your meter cupboard will not get overheated. The Diazed fuse in your meter cup board is probably the most well-known fuse. A fuse will melt when the tension in the fuse gets too high, to avoid that the meter cup board or the device gets too hot. Besides the fuse in your meter cupboard or the fuse of glass in your electric devices, we also have other related products in our assortment.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 273 items
Showing 1 - 21 of 273 items