Irrigation and accessories

Irrigation and accessories

Here you will find everything to provide your crop water: waterpumps, waterbarrels, couplings, tubes and spray pens. You can use an irrigationsystem, which is a system that makes irrigation full automatic.

Irrigation and accessories There are 504 products.


  • Drippers and spraypens

    Several spray pens, drippers and tubes of 2,5mm and 4mm for irrigationsystems in order to grow.

  • High pressure pumps

    High pressure pumps help you to support your plants indoors and outdoors. A plantspray makes it possible to irrigate your green in no time. A pressure sprayer has the same purpose as a plant spray. The difference between plant- and pressure sprays? When using the plant spray you have to keep pumping; when using the pressure spray you have to build up pressure only once. After building up the pressure, all you have to do is to push te button to irrigatie your plants.

  • Irrigation tools

    Tools and accessoiries to irrigate.

  • Couplings

    The PE Fast couplings in our webshop are professional quality and are applied for years in professional as well as private installations. The coupling will not leak when installed according to the manufacturer instructions.

  • Garden hoses and...

    Here you can find everything you need concerning garden hoses, couplings and accessoiries. Available in sizes ''1 and ''1/2 inch.

  • Waterpumps

    The waterpumps we sell are excellent quality and suitable for many applications. At this moment, our assortment consists of: DAB, RP pumps, Tallas and Sicce pumps.

  • Barrels

    Waterbarrels are available in several sizes: from 50 L to 1000 L in a cage. The barrels will be delivered with a cover!

  • Waterheaters

    A waterheater operates with a mechanic thermostat. You can immerse a waterheater completely and is adjustable in the water temperature you wish. Available in several versions: 100watt, 200watt, 300watt and 600watt.

  • waterpomp RP Airset
  • Fittingen en toebehoren
  • Verdeelset watervat
  • Circulatiepompen
  • luchtslang transparant
  • Luchtpompen
  • Pasteur pipetje
  • Waterverwarmers
  • Filters
  • Blumat
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Showing 1 - 21 of 504 items
Showing 1 - 21 of 504 items