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Tumble Trimmer electric.

Electric Tumble Trimmer is a cutting machine for intensive use.

This cutting machine, take care of the time consuming work.

The Tumble Trimmer gives a very tight result and is designed to prevent loss or damage.
The machine makes no noise and is easy to transport.
The Tumble Trimmer is one year factory warranty.

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€ 529,95 tax incl.

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Rubber flaps roll the material gently over a grate while a fast rotating knife removes the projecting leaves. Processed plant parts remain behind on a removable container, bruises or other damage.

The Tumble Trimmer is electrically powered and comes with a kitchen timer supplied which you can set the time. There is also a handy timer which deflects the machine automatically after an adjustable time from 0 to 30 seconds.

additional explanation about your tumble trimmer

You may also manually cut was so with scissors? At Growfellas serves a super convenient Tumble Trimmer which makes cutting easy for everyone. Buy your tumble Trimmer economical and quick Growfellas!

A hedge that is neatly trimmed, already looks soon unkempt. You'll need to keep a good hedge, but to have to do this manually each time with scissors is no fun. At Growfellas you can now buy the Tumble Trimmer without having to pay the postage. From an amount of € 250, - we ship the products namely free of charge. The Tumble Trimmer is a machine that allows you to easily remove the leaves. Also, when fruit picking the Tumble Trimmer can be used to cut off the leaves look neat. It uses cutting easier and leuker..Growfellas is a recognized company and sells only high quality products. We can assure you that the Tumble Trimmer will last, so you can have fun with. Provided you properly maintain the Tumble Trimmer and the product is only used for its intended purpose. Do you have any questions? Please call us on! We are happy to help and assist you as necessary.

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